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swimming pool
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Polypool can tackle commercial swimming pools, public swimming pools and special projects using both concrete and tiled and heat retaining panel and liner construction methods. The Polypool insulated panel option has major benefits both in terms of capital outlay and savings on heating bills. Recent applications include:
• Schools, Hospitals, Leisure Centres Fitness/health clubs
• Hydrotherapy/physiotherapy pools
• Dog training/physiotherapy pools
• Scuba diving tanks
• Ministry of Defence Special Projects
Bedales School, Petersfield
This project was completed in November 2002 and included construction of a swimming pool complex incorporating a 25metre main pool and a 7metre learner pool.

The project included heating, environmental control, automatic chemical dosing as well as the pool surround and standard health and safety requirements.

Naval Establishment, Gosport
Polypool were approached by the Ministry of Defence to design and construct a bespoke diving tank used in the training of Special Forces.

The structure is an above ground pool 8m x 8m x 3m deep, supported by a steel buttress framework, designed by Polypool. The pool was finished with steel tread-plate decking specifically designed for training purposes and heavy usage. The emphasis was on strength and durability whilst optimising the use of space.

Hydrotherapy pool, Drayton
This involved planning and building a conservatory containing a 7.2m x 3.7m pool. The pool enclosure also houses a plant room complete with heating, filtration and a “Heatstar” environmental control system.

The pool was designed solely to provide hydrotherapy to a disabled child and the pool was finished with an “Alkorplan” liner as the water temperature needs to be maintained at 34 Degrees centigrade.

Main Advantages

The main advantages of using our system in semi-commercial & commercial projects are :
• Capital outlay and labour costs - As the logistics   involved in the Polypool coinstruction method are less   demanding than conventional concrete construction the   labour and raw material are dramatically reduced. This
  also ensures a faster, cleaner and more efficient build
  and a shorter time frame and less intensive labour

• Running costs - As the Polypool system offers full
  heat retention- This is of major importance in an age
  where energy efficiency is paramount and project
  budgets and specification are tightly controlled

• Durability - The pool shell is designed to withstand
  heavy bathing loads and is guaranteed for 25 years
  by the manufacturer

• Low maintenance - No tile replacement, no
  re-grouting etc- Life expectancy of Alkorplan
  commercial grade liner membrane is 20 years plus.

Each project is bespoke and there are many design recommendations based on the size, location and usage of the pool. Consideration has to be made with regards to the building. These include access, changing/shower facilities as well as the specialist knowledge required in order to design the plantroom. This includes all the necessary flow-control, heating and any dehumidification equipment.
The size, positioning and finish to the pool are also paramount decisions to be made and we will assist with all these considerations in each case. Our design and planning department combined with 30 years experience in pool installations guarantees a comprehensive technical support program. Our engineers will advise you on all the facts and are all conversant with the latest technology and pool building regulations. As ISPE and SPATA members we offer you peace of mind every step of the way.
If you require help and advice on any indoor or commercial swimming pool project you need to contact us with details of the scheme to include:
• Technical drawings or sketch of the site/pool layout
• Size of the pool and any buildings/enclosures
• Usage of the pool - Domestic, commercial etc
• Details of access to site
• Any contractors you will be employing
• Any architects or structural engineers reports or   comments
• Any special requirements for the pool ie.Hydrotherapy,
  swimjets etc.

We will then study the project in detail and offer you design and building recommendations together with an estimate for the supply and installation of the equipment you will need. Our advice will include:
• Recommended pool specification and positioning
• Standard or Arkolplan upgraded liner finish
• Recommendations on incorporating the pool into any
   new or existing buildings/enclosures
• Design and orientation of the building itself
• Positioning and size of plant room
• Heating and dehumidification specification and
• Chlorine free dosing equipment and advice on
   water treatment/maintenance
• Plant machinery needed for excavation and soil removal
• Types and quantities of raw materials needed

And much much more...

Please note that only the initial consultation is offered free of charge. We are qualified and equipped to offer a more extensive design and planning package to include liaison with the customer, architect and any third party building contractors.
This service also includes meetings with all parties, site visits and the preparation of a complete technical file. This contains not just drawings of the project but also specification for the flow control, filtration, heating and environmental control.
Please contact us with details of the project and we will be glad to advise you on the options available for your particular project and answer any of your questions.

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swimming pool

swimming pool

Bedales School, Petersfield

polypool 75 system
  swimming pool
Naval Establishment, Gosport

Hydrotherapy pool, Drayton


indoor plans
Techincal drawing of cross section of polypool commercial pool system  

swimming pool
swimming pool
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