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swimming pool
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swimming pool
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Polypool have been designing and constructing indoor pools both domestic and commercial for over 30 years. Many clients use us right through from the design stage to the construction of their indoor pool and beyond.
We offer the complete 'turnkey solution', through various stages:
       1. Initial site survey
       2. Full 'in house' drawing/plans service
       3. Full design service
       4. Full planning application service
       5. Complete construction program service
       6. Full after sales package with unrivalled guarantees
During these stages, there are many design considerations and Polypool draw on their 30 years of experience to bring you to the finished product.
When designing and constructing an indoor pool the most important component of the project is the Environmental Control System, Polypool consider this the 'heart & lungs' of the scheme. This combined with the correctly specified filtration system can give you the perfect environment to swim in. Polypool are Heatstar main dealers and suppliers and we can provide efficient humidity control, active heat recovery and both AIR & POOL heating all from a single, easily installed unit.

Each unit is tailored to the precise individual requirements of your pool hall, obviating the need to under or oversize performance aspects or tolerate inappropriate equipment room layout, as can be the case with 'off the shelf' products..
 We will provide you with all the necessary calculations and running costs for your project

Polypool also take care of the following project parameters:

   1. Structural requirements for the swimming pool shell
       and foundations of the pool enclosure
   2. Pool filtration and flow control calculations and
   3. Plant room size and location
   4. Specification and position of services to bring in to the
       site (electricity, gas or oil and water)
   5. Pool lighting
   6. Fuel boiler
   7. Pool surround and internal finishes to the pool hall

Polypool can offer you a full range of buildings including conservatories, brick/block and timber built enclosures, telescopic swimming pool enclosures all designed and built to the highest standards to compliment your new swimming pool.

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polypool 75 system polypool 75 system swimming pool

indoor plans
A typical indoor swimming pool layout plan

swimming pool
swimming pool
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